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999 soon established themselves as a powerful live act on London's punk scene and became regulars at the .

On the strength of their well received, self-financed debut , 999 were signed to around the same time as the . The band's second single, "Nasty Nasty", was cited nearly 20 years after its release as a seminal punk single.

Palmer was replaced by Arturo Bassick, who remains the player with 999 to this date. Five of the singles released by 999 between 19 charted within the Top 75 in the , with one further single released by 999 in 1978, Homicide, charting within the Top 40. Despite having formed in 1976, 999 have only experienced two permanent changes to their original lineup and has continued to record and play live arab dating sit to the present day, leading to describe the band as "one of the longest-lived groups of the ." Named after , 999 was founded in London by singer/ Nick Cash and Guy Days.

In addition, as a result of extensive touring in the in the early 1980s, the band's third and fourth studio albums: and Concrete, each charted on the U. Cash and Days met each other when the former was a member of the band , and the latter was a who played on some of the band’s tapes.