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While those with some invisible conditions may be protected from discrimination at work by the Americans with Disabilities Act, whether or not they actually receive that protection sometimes turns, unfairly, on others’ perceptions of the presence of impairment.Invisible medical issues significantly impact an employee’s work life, regardless of whether the condition is legally recognized as a disability, and in many cases, employers who provide necessary accommodations may still be falling short in providing equal opportunities to those with hidden medical conditions.

Employers have to provide a reasonable accommodation within the workplace.While only an attorney experienced in disability and employment law can advise those with hidden disabilities about the best course of action for their particular case, women can empower each other by sharing their own stories of the benefits and pitfalls of handling a hidden disability in the workplace.Leanne*, 29, a communications lawyer for a health nonprofit in Washington D.A disability can also be visible (for example, a wheelchair or white cane indicates the person has a disability) or invisible (for example, a mental illness).When the focus is on building an inclusive environment that is welcoming to people regardless of disability, you may need to make changes to work areas, consider technological modifications, make information accessible in alternate formats or make changes to tasks or working hours. Duty to Accommodate refers to the obligation of an employer, service provider or union to take steps to eliminate disadvantage to employees, prospective employees or clients resulting from a rule, practice or physical barrier that has or may have an adverse impact on individuals or groups protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act, or identified as a designated group under the Employment Equity Act.This includes the hiring process as well as accommodating an individual once they are hired.