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I've learned that money and opportunities come and go, but your friends and family are always there to help you when you need it.
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Accommodating single parents at work

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As Jane has no siblings and her mother is divorced, the responsibility for her mother’s care has fallen exclusively to Jane.

Helen was living alone until Jane discovered how ill Helen had become; now Jane has moved her mother into her own home.

This could allow a parent to work part-time hours during the course of a week starting at 9am and finishing at 3pm, for example; alternatively flexible working arrangements may allow for a parent to come into work later on a morning to allow transporting their children to school or a childminder.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) can be paid to a mother for up to 39 weeks after she has had her baby.

It's fine if the applicant brings it up voluntarily, but steer the conversation away from any marital or familial status issues. But that order does not apply to private employers.

For private employers, single parents aren't considered a protected class under federal anti-discrimination laws (whereas traits like race, religion, and national origin are protected).

She would like to return to her demanding practice schedule once her mother is somewhat better, but cannot anticipate how long it will take for her mother’s condition to stabilize again.

If she were permitted to work some of the time from her home, she would be capable of working more hours, but in her area of work, where full-time often means 60 hours a week, full time may no longer possible for her during her mother’s lifetime.

In the short-term Jane would like to reduce her hours of work and adapt her work schedule to make sure she does not have to leave her mother alone for more than 5 hours at a stretch.

Justice Mandamin’s reasons for his decision can be found at 2013 FC 113, and the 2010 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision can be found at 2010 CHRT 20. Johnstone worked for the Canadian Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) as a customs agent at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, as did her husband.

The Federal Court of Appeal’s decision can be found at Canada (Attorney General) v. The evidence was that CBSA employees worked varying and rotating shifts.

Jane has been an associate lawyer with a large firm for the last 5 years.

Her elderly mother, Helen, who has always struggled with mental health issues, has recently become seriously mentally ill.