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If the problem still exists, please install only one memory module or try using other memory modules.* For X79 models, please try installing memory to DDR3 A1, B1, C1 and D1 slots.If you still encounter problem, please download the tool to rewrite the MAC address from: The MAC address of the on-board LAN is erased.Failure is normally due to the adapter ROM or the attached hardware Failure when the BIOS attempts to boot off the default drive set in CMOS is normally due to invalid CMOS drive setup or as given by an error message.If the system hangs there is an error in the Master Boot Record or the Volume Boot Record The display switch on the motherboard can be set to either monochrome or color.I have spent weeks before I even attempted this to get help but to no avail from Gateway.Also, anyone have a way I can get the old version of the BIOS as shipped, there was not utility to save a copy, download from Gatewa Website or from System Restore and Drivers & Downloads Recovery Disks I made day one.Please connect the HDMI cable to HDMI2 port of Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac. When the system boots up, press "F2” to enter UEFI setup screen. However, if the active BIOS_A1 is corrupted or damaged, after several failed boot attempts, it will automatically do BIOS recovery from the backup BIOS_B1 and then the system will still work on the active BIOS_A1. If your model isn't listed in the table, please visit the beta zone of your model and then update the latest beta BIOS. Question (Q&A-116|391): If I install two monitors (DVI and D-sub) on FM2A88X Extreme6 and boot up the system, the system will freeze during Windows 8.1 booting process. For more suggestions about 3Dmark, please refer to 3Dmark FAQ: Answer: Step 1: Please make sure that you have installed the latest BIOS and two 1866MHz or higher frequency memory modules in dual channel.

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Note: Please do not clear the CMOS right after you update the BIOS.

Press "F10” to save and exit the BIOS setup screen. BIOS download link: 2: Install one AMD RADEON PCI Express graphics card to the PCIE slot.

Please run "Ultra Blu-ray advisor” to see if all "Pass”. Due to the fact that HDR is not supported by Intel 100 series chipset, please disable ”UHD color” from TV. Go to Advanced CPU Configuration and enable "Software Guard Extensions” in BIOS setting. We have tested some memory modules on AM4 platform and users can refer to our suggested module list for choosing the finest ones to pair with your AM4 motherboard. Please load the BIOS default settings and then save the settings. Enter into BIOS setup and choose "Instant Flash" to upgrade to the latest BIOS Step 5.

ROM which when opened checks off only the Main BIOS box in the AMI Flash menu. However I recoverd by checking all the boxes on the AMI BIOS update through trial and error. Can someone tell me what the proper order of operations is to Flash the Motherboard / CMOS before I try anthing else and wreck the machine.

However there is also another Icon called "flash" and 3 more files: UCORE. I still don't have the Intel Turbo Boost feature in the CMOS even with the AMI Flash that at least recovered the machine.