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Ultimately decided on the Galileo, as I have had other Uwatec computers before, including old, bulky versions of their hoseless devices.

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All items are procured directly from official Japanese distributors and we guarantee all our items to be 100% authentic!

We do our best to suit the needs of our customers by offering various types of shipping & payment methods, and by offering customer support by email & phone in both English & Japanese! We offer a variety of items from figures and character goods to plastic models and DVDs.

And to kill some time when he stays home, he creates songs using vocal song synthesis software.

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Kyo Mekui has a reason for skipping school as much as he does.

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Details Sculptor: Minheru (Blond Parrot) Notes Regarding Customs Clearance This is for sale in Japan and made according to Japanese market Standards.

However, when the villain, a magician known as the Baron of the Fourth Dimension attacks, he reveals his main purpose is not the statues, but to crush the bonds of the Twin Angel.

He succeeds by managing to hospitalise Aoi and destroy both of their 'Poketen' transformation devices, leaving Haruka devastated.