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That is one of the many things that makes our country such a great place to live, work and play.

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Everyone also knew it was because Ryan and Jon wanted to continue with a psychedelic-rock sound Brendon and Spencer didn't agree with.

Frank’s specialty is a little more undefinable, but it makes for an easy exit when the people they’re scamming don’t remember being ripped off.

It only takes a guy with a green jacket, ugly glasses, and a hat with a little puff on the top to make Pete question his sexuality.

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I was very isolated by the band at that point," she wrote.

At some point, Cobra Starship mastermind Gabe Saporta is really gonna have to decide if having a keytar player in his band is worth it.

Sure, the keytar is totally awesome — name another instrument good enough for Donald Fagen, Prince and"Weird" Al Yankovic — but in getting to the bottom of the Starship's split with 'tar player Elisa Schwartz (a less-than-harmonious parting of ways involving stolen i Pods, clandestine spa sessions and late-night Britney Spears-fueled dance parties) you start to wonder if perhaps Saporta would be better off having never hired a keytar player in the first place.

When he asks Gabe to come over to hang out he is unaware that Gabe is under Spencer's direction to punish Brendon for being a brat and forgetting things (most likely on purpose).

Gabe decides to have fun with Brendon's new found pain kink... Brendon doesn't ask important questions, which is how he ends up baby sitting a gigantic snake. Or, part two of the one where everyone in bandom lives in an apartment complex and shenanigans happen because dorky idiots in apartments.