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The duo was playing under a large tent, but thousands of restless fans had gathered around the perimeter and drummer Kim Schifino thought it would be cool to get them more involved in the show. In December of 2013, the band began a year-long workshopping process that would ultimately produce 60 songs."About three songs before the end, Kim said, ' I want anyone who is outside the tent to feel free to crowdsurf their way to the front,'" remembers her boyfriend and bandmate Matt Johnson. The final 10 form an eclectic, cheery record that draws from EDM, hip-hop and even punk – a mix that the duo is particularly proud of. But that doesn’t mean they cant party down with their happy-go-lucky tunes. They had been working on art and film projects together when they started jamming together and under the coercion of a friend played their first show.With their jolly pop-rock Matt and Kim are pretty much the sure fire CD to bust out when bummed out.I was born Monica Joellen Schalk, biologically female.

usually apply the “minimalist” tag to avant-composers and se XXy goth sulkers, but since 2005, the pop-punk duo of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have done a bang-up job of squeezing a lot out of a little. [So this album has the first song where Kim sings lead, right? I love having her voice on a song, but she doesn't like singing on the drums.Our other stuff we’ve done, it was music made to be live music and then recorded. Finally after weeks and hours of practicing and working we’ve got it, but it was not an easy task.This album, the was music made to be recorded and then we adapt that to [playing it] live. But I think we’ve successfully worked them into being the kind of live songs that we wanted them to be.In the last five, six years or so I feel there's been no break. People have to recognize that there are another 23 hours in the day that isn't that hour on stage, and that's what gets really exhausting. And we'll be frustrated at different times and every now and then -- basically once a month -- there'll be a note on the bus door that says "I'm having that time-of-the-month. Right as we finished that album we moved out, and it felt like the end of an era. And it's interesting -- you've said that you're trying to put less stuff on the songs and have this album be more stripped down, as opposed to a lot of bands who end up adding more and more production stuff as they go along.As much as sometimes we'd like to see just a little bit of time in between, we always continue working. But yeah, the second we did our final show of last year on New Year's Eve, we took about a week off then started working on new stuff. When we get up there and there are a lot of people who are excited to be there, immediately, we get snapped out of that exhaustion. If there was any sort of relationship I've been in in the past where we spent half as much time as we've been together, we would've killed each other a long time ago. If you see me, just try to avoid," to let everyone in the crew know. You go to your room." I can't figure it out, really. Basically all of our albums we had written there and we refer to that spot a bunch of times. We're hip hop fans, as we have surely said a number of times, but essentially in hip hop and pop music sometimes it's really the most minimal music.Also I just wanted to say thank you guys for being so fucking awesome! ============ Grab your shirts: ============ Dear Matt and Kim, My fiancé and I saw you live for the first time in Tampa, in 2013.