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Backdating payments

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The EAT in Bear Scotland held that regular non-guaranteed overtime that workers are required to do should be included in holiday pay calculations, leading to widespread concern from employers that they could be liable for holiday pay claims dating back years.

Last week, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal in Patterson v Castlereagh Borough Council provided more bad news for employers by holding that there is no reason why purely voluntary overtime should not also be included in holiday pay.

Recognition of his refugee status does not therefore make him a refugee but declares him to be one.

He does not become a refugee because of recognition, but is recognized because he is a refugee.

For fortnightly payments for an older child in your care, submit your claim as soon as you think you are eligible to receive payment.

There are time limits for submitting a lump sum claim for the previous financial year. To receive Parental Leave Pay, submit your claim: To receive Parental Leave Pay from your child’s date of birth or date of adoption, you need to submit your claim and proof of birth within 28 days of your child’s birth.

However, an application for back-payments of income support as a person who has been recognised as having refugee status (under reg 21ZB of the Income Support (General) Regulations) was refused because the power to make those payments had been revoked by s12 of the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Act 2004 when it came into force on 14 June 2007.

There are also time limits for submitting your lump sum claim for the previous financial year.To receive the maximum 18 weeks payment, you need to claim within 34 weeks of your child’s birth or adoption. To receive Dad and Partner Pay, submit your claim: Read more about Dad and Partner Pay.To receive Child Care Benefit as a fee reduction paid directly to your provider, you need to submit a claim for Child Care Benefit for approved care.Commenting on the 1 July holiday pay changes, Dr Adam Marshall of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said: “The disappointing ruling of the Employment Appeal Tribunal last year, which said that firms needed to include overtime in holiday pay calculations, opened the door to backdated claims that could have run into the millions.“We pushed hard for a two-year backstop for holiday pay claims, which limits the backdated claims that companies may have to pay.“More broadly, we are concerned by the growing number of rulings – both here in the UK and in the European courts – that are steadily expanding the definition of holiday pay.