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The database manual is not only meant for database administrators.Interacting with a database, without knowing how it works, is like driving a racing car without taking any driving Carol Mc Donald The Java Persistence API (informally referredto as JPA) provides a plain old Java object (POJO)-based persistence modelfor Java EE and Java SE applications.It handles the details of how relational data is mapped to Java objects, and itstandardizes Object/Relational (O/R) mapping.Getting familiar with the SQL standard and the database-specific features can make the difference between a high-performance application and one that barely crawls.The fear of database portability can lead to avoiding highly effective features just because they are not interchangeable across various database systems.d) If the query resulted in more than one rows, it throws an non-unique result exception.From Camel 2.14.1 onwards the Select List also supports mapping each row to a Java object as the Select One does .

Data Nucleus is perhaps more configurable than any other JDO/JPA implementation in this respect.

This Tech Tip highlights the new locking and concurrency features in JPA 2.0 and provides an application that demonstrates these capabilities.

Locking and Concurrency Locking is a technique for handling database transaction concurrency.

Data is spread across various structures (table rows, index nodes), and database records can be read and written by multiple concurrent users.

From a concurrency point of view, this is a very challenging task, and, to get the most out of a persistence layer, the data access logic must resonate with the underlying database system.