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Beards are intimidating

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It could range in a time span anywhere from several seconds to several minutes. Beards make you look like you could easily kick anyone's ass and therefore make me feel safer. Consider those times distant memories when you've got a beard. It's sort of a male bonding activity, but you know what? Beards naturally make a man look older, and usually like lumberjacks. With this acclaimed facial hair, as soon as you walk in a room people are giving you high fives, fist bumps, and chanting your name as you get rounds upon rounds of free beers. Since men with beards are perceived by both sexes as older, stronger, and more aggressive, the bearded man has an upper hand in perceived dominance, and therefore an increased likelihood of passing his genes on to the next generation.

It's periods like the time of the Roman emperor Hadrian, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the 19th Century that he points to as truly beard-centric eras, and in investigating the genesis of each movement throughout the book, he peeks behind the beard to lay out the political, religious, evolutionary, and broader cultural import of what seems on the surface like a largely ornamental matter of personal style.

Starting at about the age of 15, most young men are told by their parents that they must shave their faces clean in order to look proper and respectable in society. About 6 months ago, I threw out my shaving cream and razors and began letting my beard grow as it naturally does on a true man (also trying the no-shampoo challenge).

The results of my beard experiment are in, and it has been a tremendous success.

When I was younger, I would always see my dad stroking his beard while reading a book. But, since he's my dad - I went ahead and began stroking my pathetic, hairless chin anyway. I can't tell you how many times I've solely said "Dude, I love your beard! Of course, I live in Lawrenceville so giving out that compliment is second nature to me now. " as you nonchalantly go back to eating your burritos.

One day he caught me stroking my chin and asked "Caitlin, why are you doing that? It always serves for a good laugh and if you find some chicken in your beard later, whatevs. Plus, look what else you can do with a beard, some ramen, and some beer: 6. With all of that shaving you probably did during your tween years, it's no wonder you were secretly calling the Proactive hotline ordering that stuff in bulk.