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As far as using existing statutes to prosecute stealthers in Florida, “As of yet, that statute does not exist,” said Tampa Defense Attorney Hunter Chamberlain.

Bf2 stats not updating 6 25

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We are aware that there are still player’s not getting their stats reported accurately.Our Customer Support team, Engineers and Partners are working day and night to narrow down the cause of the problem.i still get a few PMs from people wondering why their stats no longer update on our server which no longer existsobviously local stats *do* work as they don't rely on an external machine BUT i would advise kwolf to make a backup now of his Python folders - local stats is notorious for eating them if the game crashes for any reason Hi, I recently bought BF2 Complete and installed BF2 Special ops and patch 1.5 AIX.However when i then go to BFHQ there is nothing updated . please help this is the main reason for me getting this game! installed on your pc and your BF 2 id logged in there.The second problem, known as a primary key collision, is illustrated in Script 2 in the code download.

i just assumed he was talking about global stats, not local.

We appreciate all of the information that you have passed on to us for research.

We believe we have enough for the time being so there is no need to send us more data.

I set up the AIX as normal and tick the stats enabled button.

Hit play AIX and attempt to play single player level. and at the end of the map it states the stats for the map session.