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you get to navigate around different virtual locations, like the beach or creepy gothic warehouses -- essentially, for whatever your personality type, there's a place you'd like to spend time."With videogame-like precision, they can then navigate that virtual space, which may feature their Facebook photos hanging from the walls and a You Tube video playing on a widescreen TV.When the learning institutions are trying to recruit their next college class, they aim for the brightest and the best who will want to attend their university.

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Virtual college tours of the campus, social media marketing, and attendance to individual fairs or large fairs with other schools gives student recruiters more bang for their buck brand-wise and a larger return on investment.

There are several different ways that college recruiters can use this format to their advantage.

Budget Virtual college fairs have changed the university recruitment budget.

Bianca's Smut Shack is a shack, and yes, there is smut.

But don't let the name throw you off -- this is a place where real-time web-based chat has brought people together, day after day.