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Billy crudup claire danes still dating

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Howard Stern asked Claire Danes about her past involvement with Billy Crudup.For those who don't remember, he left a very pregnant Mary Louise Parker. Do you think she used her age at the time (twenty four) as an excuse?But now, the Tony Award winning actress has decided to break her silence through a memoir called Dear Mr. The Angels of America star announced last year that she would be publishing her memoir in fall this year.

Unfortunately, because DDL rarely speaks publicly about his personal life, Adjani's side of things is taken as the subjective truth - and she loooooooves the attention. Gay men are usually screwing two women at the same time.

For all her going on and on about DDL's treatment of her and their son, she virtually ignored her elder son Barnabe when he was growing up. That was definitely a media created story to cover up his gayness.;)R23, I was talking about the way he looks, walks, talks and handles himself.

I had no idea of his love life for a long time and just thought he's gay whenever I saw him in movies.

Crudup just walked out of her life in 2003 just because he felt his love brewing for the Romeo Juliet actress Claire Danes.

Parker remained quiet for all those years and raised her son William Atticus Parker, now aged 11, on her own.