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I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to tell me the truth.If you stop reading here, this will ultimately be my conclusion of this article.

Many Korean girls say that even though they don't like a guy at first, if he keeps trying and is quite assertive, they will open up and start liking him.

The pressure is amplified in the confines of Korea’s communal Confucian society.

There is no romance in Korea attached to the outcast, the outsider. So, compelled by the loneliness of my solitudinous studio apartment existence in South Korea and sick of standing at the bar by myself quaffing my beer and watching my expat cohorts canoodling with their Korean significant others, I endeavored to find myself a Korean girlfriend.

Some of the methods are quite interesting and unique to the Korean culture.

Korean culture has a strong tradition of matchmaking – in the traditional Korean society, due to the Confucian culture, males and females were not allowed to mingle freely with each other, so marriages were arranged by matchmakers appointed by the parents.