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Cfinput not validating

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For instance, if you've read about the feature and tried it on Firefox, you may have been surprised that you couldn't see what it did differently than a normal submit button. But you certainly still need the CF-based feature, though, if you may have users visiting your site with other browsers. ) It's not too difficult to demonstrate the problem of multiple form submissions.That's because it turns out Firefox already solves the problem itself, by preventing double-submission of a given form. (I can confirm that even IE 7 does not prevent double form submissions. All you need is a means to track how many times the server-side form processing takes place for a given form's submission(s).What happens in your app if a user hits the submit button more than once before the form is processed, such as when the form didn't come back quickly enough, so the user submitted the form again?Would you be interested to know that CF has a feature to prevent them doing that? Have you ever considered this prospect of multiple form submissions? It could cause multiple inserts to a database, or multiple charges to a card, or unexpected increases in some session variable counter, etc., which could be real trouble for you or your users.If your concern is to Let's say JS function "validate()" checked to make sure "my Date Of Birth" was actually a date and was in the last 120 years before submitting.That would be useful for the user if he happened to type in 1/12/198 instead of 1/12/1982.I am very on this, it seems like it should be simple but I cannot figure it out. Thank you in adavance, Jim Kiteless, It is an honor to hear from you, thank you so much for your help.

I have tried mask, but it will only accpet two decimal places once the first part of the mask is satisfied.CF Muse Reader Asks: You suggest both client and server side should be used for validation.Just to check - I should code so that js picks up the errors first using event code or onsubmit then let server side pick up the errors on submit using cfinput validate/required etc.You'd use CFINPUT TYPE="submit" VALIDATE="submitonce" NAME="somename", as demonstrated in a complete code example below. I've not found too many other resources discussing it, so I hope this will help folks.There are some interesting challenges you should understand as well.Warning: This blog entry was written two or more years ago.