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David Letterman paid tribute to his late mother during her memorial service over the weekend at Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis.
NEW DELHI - The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations started Tuesday on a disappointing note to many, with several class-12 students complaining that the physics paper was too lengthy to finish in three hours.

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The worldwide race to create AI machines is often propelled by the quickest, most effective route to meeting the checklist of human needs. Intelligent machines will eventually tend to our medical needs, serve the disabled and elderly, and even take care of and teach our children.

And we know who is likely to be most affected: women.

This trope occurs when "language drift"—natural changes in the common vocabulary—causes a word or phrase originally intended as wholly innocuous to be potentially taken as startling, confusing or just plain funny in a different time or place.

Usually relates to sexual euphemisms, but can also involve other sensitive concepts. Even very slight changes in usage can produce this effect; until recently, a man might speak of his attraction to a "young girl" and mean a twentysomething. And sometimes the expression has an innocent meaning that is at least as valid as the naughty one, but now there are just too many people with their minds in the gutter.

People do not want to retire at the age of 60 (or older) to look back on life and feel they have wasted it.Our conversation took place in its library, where we were surrounded by nearly eight thousand books with titles like “Applied Chaos Theory” and “A History of Algorithms.” These sorts of subjects, and the scientists who study them, have long interested Mc Carthy more than anything happening in contemporary fiction.When I asked him why he never reads new novels, he looked as if I wanted to know why someone would not drink from a pool of muddy water. Mc Carthy’s nonfiction, to judge from our only example, is recognizably his, with folksy locutions and no-nonsense sentence fragments and even, at points, the vaguely biblical grandiloquence of his earlier novels: “The simple understanding that one thing can be another is at the root of all things of our doing,” he writes.Chatbots have become a huge opportunity for companies to engage with their customers, gather data, and improve their marketing and customer care efforts.You can start your own chatbot creation business easily and quickly without needing to code."Cock" is not dirty all the time, that's one of those words that's only partly filthy.