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Christian dating living together unona dating scam

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I assume you know right and wrong when it comes to sins such as lying, stealing, and killing.

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For you, being smart means that after you leave the relationship you shouldn’t go back!

They rent apartments, check in at motels, purchase houses (with their different names signed on the contracts), and visit their parents (expecting to be accepted and given the use of the guest bedroom).

Since their idea is that they will live together if they “love” each other, and will stop living together if they stop “loving” each other, they prefer not to complicate the arrangement with a marriage commitment.

Rather, I’ll cut to the chase and zone in on those of you caught up in one of the more deceptive, yet prevalent sin in the dating world. It feels so right, and you have every excuse in the world to continue.

In the United States, living together instead of marrying has become the norm for couples - half of young adults aged 20-40 are cohabiting instead of getting married.