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Radiocarbon dating uses isotopes of the element carbon. Cosmic rays – high energy particles from beyond the solar system – bombard Earth’s upper atmosphere continually, in the process creating the unstable carbon-14. Because it’s unstable, carbon-14 will eventually decay back to carbon-12 isotopes.

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The question is, What distinguishes a Christian goat breeder from another?I supposed one function of a Christian Goat Breeders Society is to breed Christian goats only with other Christian goats.And inasmuch as it is the Calvinists who form such societies, I suppose we can go a step further and say that the Society provided a service by which Calvinist Christian goats would be bred only with other Christian Calvinistic goats.I came across a video which reminded me of that story.

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The congregation has occupied four different buildings, including its current facility built in 1957 and added to in 1984.

While the style of liturgy used in our worship is, for the most part, traditional; a mix of traditional and contemporary music is used in our worship.

A praise team along with drums and guitars lead praise and worship at the beginning of our morning service.

Twice per month our evening service is a contemporary service. Jesus Christ, by His Spirit, equips and enables us to serve others together.

With an atmosphere of caring fellowship we want to encourage growth in obedience.