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Some are professional models doing nude photoshoots, some are amateur girls we picked up from the street, and some are dancers we found at the gogo bars!

Colin ferguson dating erica cerra

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Is the Carter/Jo (Erica Cerra) dynamic going to spell more trouble for Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield)? Aren't you a little tired to see your favorite shows being cancelled in the middle of the action, in the middle of the story, after a horrible clifhanger that will never been solved?This is obviously the beginning of my campaign to have him in our Hot 100 this year. Something tells me you’ll be a big candidate for our Hot 100 this year. EM: Yeah, I don’t know what happened to me as a kid, but I tend to try to not take things too seriously. AE: You were a small town boy from Ohio, now you’re a big city boy living in L. EM: You know how it is, and I’m sure you’ve been at the other end of it.

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Beginning with humanity’s exodus from the Ice Age and chronicling milestones such as hunter-gatherer, farmer, builder, and city organizer.Cast: Pauline Collins, Denis Lawson, William Chubb, Tom Connolly, Gina Moxley, Owen Rae, Eve Matheson, Peter Egan. Not Rated A presentation of the war that scarred the soul of a nation, uses large-scale reconstruction of key events, dramatized eyewitness accounts, period photographs, and expert commentary to tell the story of the American Civil War.(2001) Not Rated After impulsively jumping into marriage with her stodgy boyfriend (Nick Moran), Edith Graydon (Natasha Little) finds herself rekindling a relationship with a worldly friend (Ioan Gruffudd), which ultimately leads to forbidden passion … Based on a scandalous true story that grabbed the era’s headlines, this engrossing period drama (set mainly in 1920s England) also stars Imelda Staunton and Tom Wilkinson.In “Eureka” “Jack of All Trades,” Carter (Colin Ferguson) switched bodies with a number of people. In “Worst Case Scenario,” Carter is called to check out a communications tower, which is strangely shorter than it should be.As his vehicle (that poor thing) gets sucked into the ground and he starts doing the same, Carter realizes that something is wrong in Eureka again.He recently spoke with me about the show, playing gay on . AE: That’s actually one of our favorite things about you: your juvenile sensibilities.