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Computer stalled while updating

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Over the last week or so, we've heard (and personally experienced) this exact issue with Windows Update.

As of this writing, there's a series of four updates that are the culprit.

Now my computer is stuck in a cycle of trying to update then shutting down and restarting. Here are some featured member answers to get you started, butplease read all the advice and suggestions that ourmembers have contributed to this question. message ID=3151693#3151693 This should work --Submitted by The Salem Cat I tried force shutdown of computer and re-booting in safe mode. The keyboard and mouse don't come on line to use until after the update screen comes on. It has been updating for the past 3 hrs, but never gets past 13 percent. The message on screen is " Configuring Windows Update. Do not turn off you computer." Is this some kind of virus.A stuck update usually isn't a critical problem, but it's certainly annoying-- especially when you want your computer to start up in a reasonable amount of time.Luckily, this problem is easy to fix and will work for almost any Windows Update that is stuck.If your computer meets the Windows system requirements above, but Chrome isn't starting or you see the error message "This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported," you might have Chrome set to run in Windows' Compatibility Mode.