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"Now it feels extra magical and I wear it all the time." What was Oberst doing in Tepoztlan? Given that Cassadaga was named for a spiritualist community in Florida that Oberst had visited, it was only natural that he would be drawn to a small Mexican town famous for Aztec magic and its high incidence of UFO sightings; a town that is also the reputed birthplace of the feathered-serpent-god Quetzalcoatl. " says the singer of the locale that spawned his 14th album, Conor Oberst.

"There were pigs and wild dogs in the street; lots of people on horseback.

Oberst’s lawsuit says the woman posted accusations that Oberst raped her a decade ago in North Carolina after his brother, her middle school English teacher, introduced the two at an Oberst show.

The lawsuit says she also claimed Oberst punched her in the face and that she was 16 at the time.

The suit also says the woman who made positive social media comments about Oberst in the past decade.

We took our gear up two dirt tracks into the mountains and we had this piano that we bought in Mexico City out on the patio.

My whole modus operandi for the project was that it should be stress-free.

We met up in London during his first trip to the UK.

Fevers and Mirrors, your second album, was released here in July.