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Consolidating databases best practices

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However, you might want to configure them on all the servers you work with as a proactive measure, as it’s hard to see a downside.

Contrary to an Oracle "best practice", an Oracle Worst Practices are actions (or non-actions) that cause poor performance and create excessive management overhead, essentially a non-standard approach to Oracle database management.

This guide offers insights into virtualization advances and drawbacks, as well as SQL Server virtualization best practices and issues related to licensing.

Entering the world of virtualization is a mind-set change for traditional IT staff.

One best practice to ensure optimal SQL execution in production is to provide an adequate database for your developers.

Remember, you can export your production schema statistics to make your development system look like production.

Whether or not you configure multiple data files as a best practice on all your SQL Servers or just on those for which you’ve detected issues is a choice only you can make.It is still a good idea however to maintain separation to help with manageability so that potential problems are easier to isolate.For example, separating tempdb onto its own logical disk means that you can pre-size it to fill the disk without worrying about space requirements for other files, and the more separation you implement the easier it is to correlate logical disk performance to specific database files.Virtual machines also have scaling limitations to take into consideration.Making the shift to virtualization is a big decision that requires careful research.While SQL Server virtualization offers numerous benefits, database administrators and other lead IT staffers must closely examine issues surrounding licensing, performance and availability before implementing virtualization.