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Founded in 2008, we have grown from a small start-up company to become one of the UK's leading baselayer retailers, providing athletes of all levels with innovative, high-quality baselayers that improve performance and offer exceptional comfort.
The Digi Chat option is an avatar and text based room for those who do not care about video streaming.

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What conditions motivate a transition to democracy?Can the dynamics of a transition influence its outcome?

Some have pointed to democracy as a powerful tool to reduce corruption (Langseth, 1999, 12, 15; Treisman, 2000; Chowdhury, 2004, 13; Kolstad and Wiig, 2004). It ‘chokes’ development (Langseth, 1999, 2; USIP, 2010, 6), hinders economic growth (Mauro, 1995, 109; Rose-Ackerman, 1996, 83; Chowdhury, 2004, 2) and impedes the fight to alleviate poverty (TI, 2010). Yet there is little consensus on how to tackle corruption. Others accuse the ‘democracy-corruption nexus’[1] of being a ‘rosy view’ of reality (Trange, 1994). The empirical evidence is far from conclusive (Rock, 2007, 1). Elbegdorj was one of the key leaders of the 1990 Mongolian democratic revolution that ended 70 years of communist rule in Mongolia, and co-drafted the country's 1992 constitution that guaranteed democracy and a free market economy.