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Consolidating warehouse network

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For example, an organization with 400 storage servers spread out over the enterprise could consolidate its storage into a single storage area network (SAN) or a network attached storage (NAS) system, which would usually be located in the data center.

Upside of storage consolidation Storage consolidation holds out the promise of management efficiency, since there are fewer storage platforms to manage.

Our WMS system also links to Transportation Insight’s industry-leading TMS platform.

Are you considering expanding your business into new geographic areas?

Most organizations struggle just to keep up with the insatiable storage demands of users and applications by continually adding disks, arrays and servers.

Over time, these organizations suffer the effect of storage sprawl, where data is stored on disks and systems in the data center, throughout the organization and even across the world by virtue of remote offices and mobile users.

Our unique approach allows customers to enjoy lower inventory costs, reduced delivery lead times, and improved customer service.

Benefits: Venture Global Solutions’ Warehouse Management System drives our warehouse.

Most storage consolidation efforts involve replacing multiple disparate storage platforms with a single storage resource.

The proposed PP model enables a decision maker to consider multiple criteria (i.e., cost, customer service and intangible benefits) and to express criteria preferences not in a traditional form of weights, but in ranges of different degrees of desirability.

The proposed model is tested with real data involving the reconfiguration of an actual company’s distribution network in the United States and Canada.

Noted for geographic market leadership, our warehouse services offer a complete array of capabilities as well a focus on customer care and quality.

Transportation Insight also provides a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) with inventory visibility and control — just as if the product were shipped from your own facility. Inventory reporting is also available, giving you complete visibility to inbound receipts, on-hand inventory updates and links to carriers and real-time shipment tracing.