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Constantly updating intellisense vs2016

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option, Re Sharper sees all files in the folder and supports and file types. Re Sharper respects the current target framework context.

This is set by the drop-down at the top of the editor window, and can change settings such as the assemblies being referenced, as well as symbols defined in the build and pre-processor.

I want to add that the cases where Intellisense stops working don't seem quite random.

The ACPLOG can be generated from the Visual Studio IDE by adding the following option : /acplog: If we build the solution, it will generate the log in the specified file. It is suggested to wait for Intellisense to finish its work.

This is an ordinary text file which we can open in Notepad and can identify which part of our code is causing the parser to behave abnormally. Intellisense and XML documentation Intellisense is also helpful in generating XML code comments.

Whenever I rename a property in the small class, intellisense seems to fail.

I have noticed this problem since VS2010, continuing in VS 2013.