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Water rescue crews from across the country descended on the state, helping hundreds of families escape flooded homes. Most of them were killed on the roads when they were caught by or drove into floodwaters.

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Reflection lets you retrieve the backing field by name, and once you have access to it you can call even though you're outside the class itself.

Since you're asking to use reflection to get the event by name I assume you're also using reflection to get the Type by name--I'm whipping up an example that will show how to do it.

Thus, the only way to get at the delegate's invocation list is to preferably: operators return a new event object; they don't modify an existing one.I want to be able to find out if an event is hooked up or not. Is there anyway to determine this from outside the object that contains the event?I've looked around, but I've only found solutions that involved modifying the internals of the object that contains the event. Here is some test code that I thought would work: // Create a new event handler that takes in the function I want to execute when the event fires Event Handler my Event Handler = new Event Handler(my Object_Some Event); // Get "p1" number events that got hooked up to my Event Handler int p1 = my Event Handler. Length; // Now actually hook an event up my Object. I thought that somehow the "invocation List" in my Event Handler would automatically get updated when I hooked an event to it. method is invoked, which appends the event handler to the delegate's invocation list. Features: Friends: You can see your friends requests, friends who already on your friends list Activity: The activity page shows you […] Website Details: Overview if you came here looking for information on Fap Chat com than this review will tell you everything you need to know.Freehookups is a Dating site for people above 18 years old.Why do you want to know if a particular event is hooked up? If so, the trick is to remove the handler first ( It can be done, but it takes some hackery...