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The lead-in shows were the iconic Hey Hey It's Saturday and The Pretender.

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There were a few weeks before the show started airing that were probably the best time in our relationship. I reached out to him about eight months ago when I was writing the book and said, “Hey I just wanted you to know I'm writing a book. That was really difficult for me because I couldn't say anything at the time so you're just sitting there watching these things being said about you and you can't react to it. There were things coming out and being spun, these crazy stories. Once the show started airing, that's when we started to crumble. If you want to talk about content,” because he had recently reached out and said, “Let's clear the air.” It was nice so I said, “If you want to talk about content call me.” I was willing if there were certain stories he didn't want in there, I was willing to take them out but he never called so I just went ahead. There's a lot more I could have put in there (laughs). Robertson: I never really had a chance to share my side of the story. I was getting trampled on so, yeah, I really wanted to write this to share my side, the true story and I wrote it for the fans to give them an inside look. I was like, “Oh my gosh I can't believe this is happening.” FOX411: Do you regret any of the things you said? Search our books and journals covering education, reference information, decision support and more.

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Whether or not you consume porn, the series is fascinating, and it's definitely worth a watch.

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The second episode focuses on dating apps, and the show explores things like cam sites and same-sex porn videos, which the movie didn't really address.

There are so, so many facets to the industry, and the series does a great job at presenting a variety of perspectives.