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(Next paragraph is my paranoid fear, and not necessarily anything that will happen, but it could)I really like this series, but since book 7 of the AB series I get nervous when the author has too many hot powerful guys panting after our heroine. The 3rd instalment in the Secret Mc Queen series do not really bring any surprises.

I like her as a strong woman, and when they start her out as a one woman person - but then keep throwing all the other guys in I get a little nervous. It continued the story in the same style as it has begun.

“Without getting heavy about it, we deal with issues that happen to women of our age – or any age and that is good,” she says. It’s been really nice to play.”“And the women get on better,” adds Linda, laughing.

There first 3 books are really good, there are also two short story books. I like that in this book she gets to chase after a bad guy that actually keeps you guessing as to what he is, and he isn't what I expected.

They were o.k.1st what I liked (try to do this with no spoilers, if you have read previous books you will understand, it not this will just be confusing - get book 1)Something Secret This Way Comes: Secret Mc Queen, Book 1 - revisiting the characters, watching Secret deal on a whole new level with the vampire council. I like that Secret is taking the pack more seriously. The worry that Secret could go the way of Anita Blake.

But with Tracey’s fear of flying and Dorien on yet another manhunt, it doesn’t turn out to be the relaxing festive trip they’d hoped for.

For Lesley, 69, Pauline, 55, and Linda, 56, who in real life are incredibly close friends, the fact that viewers greeted the comedy’s return so warmly after its 15-year break has been the icing on the cake.“You don’t know what the reaction of an audience is going to be after 15 years away,” says Lesley.