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But you no longer have to be gay to try location-based dating: a wave of new apps, including Meet Moi, Skout, and Singles Around Me give us all the chance to find out, once and for all, if the Internet will bring us happiness, as we were promised.

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After the news made headlines around the world, Kefren's parents nearly disowned her.

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Jele works as a model and appears on multiple TV shows.It’s really nice that we live in a world where a transgender woman uploading pictures of herself onto social media results in comments like “oh my god you’re so pretty! In all honesty though, this author doesn’t really care Nong Poy (also known as Poy or Treechada Petcharat) has been absolutely tearing up the Asian entertainment world since 2004, when she was first noticed after winning Miss International Queen, the world’s largest transgender beauty pageant. Most recently, Thai transgender sensation Nong Poy uploaded a picture onto her social media that some followers thought made her look exactly like Chinese model/actress/singer Aneglababy. Regular ladyboys can thrive in the entertainment industry, having long-term singing, acting, and modeling careers.And with the latest sex-change medical advancements – of which Bangkok is a global epicenter – sometimes they look hotter than real women.The teen said that she was selling her virginity so that she could pay for a good life for her parents, as well as a home and education for herself.