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Although we tirelessly keep repeating in all of our reviews and blog-posts that users have to stand up for their safety, use some common sense and look out for themselves, it’s clear that sometimes you just drop your guard – after all, you can’t always be mistrustful, especially in matters of love.

Dating a crack addict

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When I confronted him he was glassy and it was as though he was looking straight through me. When I first realized that he was using again, I told him that I did not cancel the divorce and I would go ahead if he used. My children love him as they know the man before the crack but it is not fair to them to live like this indefinetly. I guess for me, letting go is the hardest because I spent so many years with the love of my life and I know what his dreams were and I know that he truly does love us. No I never "helped" him to get crack, never approved of his using. "I wont do it anymore." ."I dont NEED it." " Im not a true Crack Head because I dont use everyday, "If I was a true Crack Head I would be stealing and have to have it everyday." Actually if he had the money he WOULD be using everyday. He is very quick tempered, paranoid, jealous, and this is someone that I would never,ever, normally get involved with.

Before he came home, I filed for divorce but since he had changed so much, I put the divorce on hold. I reminded him that he would lose me and the kids if he chose to use. It is so heartbreaking to see someone who was a great person destroy themselves and there is nothing I can do about it. No matter what I do or say, my best friend and the man I thought I was going to grow old with, will do anything to get crack. I read the words, Co-dependent and Enabler and as much as I hate to admit it these are exactly what I have been. You can give them love and believe that will make them stop. They will say all of the things that you want hear and believe. His life is now filled with empty promises..turn into "real promises" (which don't happen) and now he has moved onto "pinky"promises.(which still don't happen) It seems that his intentions are so good, and then an hour later his mind totally changes.

In the true sense of the word, to enable is to supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity to be or do something -- to make feasible or possible.

In it's true form, then, Enabling behavior means something positive.

Addictive behavior attempts to repair a state of bad feeling but is a Faustian Bargain that perpetuates itself and often asks the ultimate price.

Addiction can be compared to an unhealthy, fanatical love.

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Up until 2 1/2 years ago, he was the best father to our children and best husband to me. The same old thing.....disappearing for hours or days at a time, money missing, lost his job and could never hold another one. I know I should just walk away...something keeps holding me back.He was a hard worker and took pride in everything he did. He was unable to pay the bills or buy food for us because any little amount of money he got his hands on went to crack. I can go a few days and then I find myself worrying about him again... From: Sent: To: [email protected]: Submit Story I met my CHex H when I was 17. He worked full time went to school and was in a band and the Marine reserves. I felt that since I got pregnant out of wedlock I was lucky to even have him stay with me and he was the first to mention that there were very few men out there that would stay. Someday, I am hoping that I wont that I will move on. From: Sent: To: [email protected]: Submit Story Here is my story...Then, one night while at a party, he tried crack without knowing what it was. I have thrown him out numerous times only to take him back everytime hoping that things would be different each time only to be let down again and again. He was just out of the Marines and was going to college. We started dating, I was just out of high school and attending college. He was an alcoholic, I wasn’t raised around drinkers, so I didn’t know about the disease. I've known this person for a very long time well since jr. Just recently she lost a good friend from suicide I felt so bad for her my heart went out to her for her loss, And all this happened in one week period since her friends death.It took so much time and effort to get him to admit to me everything he had been lying and hiding from me over the past 6 months.Everyday was a constant struggle, from the day I realized he had a problem for myself, to the day I got HIM to admit to me he was abusing heroin.From: Sent: To: [email protected]: Submit Story First, I want to say that this is a wonderful web-site. In fact I did everything that I could to try to keep him away from it. I even went so far as to put tiny cameras in my house to try to catch him using. Because I just kept believing that if I could keep it away from him, he would stop. But, I caught feelings for him when he wasn't using, and when I got to know the real person.