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The three largest and most dominant ethnic groups are the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo (pronounced ee-bo).

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Back to Top Although the Spanish Constitution does not include an explicit prohibition on the possession of firearms by individuals,[1] the law on firearms is extremely restrictive.[2] There has always been unanimous consent by Spanish society that possession of firearms should be strictly limited and considered an exceptional privilege granted to those who need it because of the nature of their duties, because of extreme circumstances of self-protection, or for the practice of sports, such as hunting or sports shooting.[3] The Spanish Constitution does not conceive of the right to bear arms as an individual right.The bearing of arms by civilians is not considered a right but a privilege that may be granted by the government if legal conditions are met.Guns are regulated by the Ministry of the Interior through the General Directorate of the Civil Guard.A.) (Regulation on Firearms),[18] which transposed European Union Directive 91/477/CEE on firearms[19] to domestic law and implemented the LOPSC.[20] The R. was recently amended by Royal Decree 976/2011[21] to transpose Directive 2008/51/CE of the European Parliament on the control of the acquisition and possession of firearms.[22] The R. provides for the comprehensive and detailed treatment of firearms, and includes requirements for manufacturing, possession, circulation, storage, and trade of firearms by private individuals.Spanish Contract Remington Rolling Block .43 Spanish Description: Spanish Contract Remington Rolling Block rifle in .43 Spanish with very good bore.big problems like, say, the approach of World War 2.