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Dating culture and ethnicity

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Culture is the non-biological or social aspects of human life; basically anything that is learned by humans is part of culture.

Let's look at the two avatars shown in to help illustrate the concept of culture.

This article aims to set things right by highlighting the differences of ethnicity and culture.

Ethnicity We are born in one or the other country in the world, and that is our place of birth, but the race of our parents has become the basis of our identity, as our ethnicity is decided based on our racial roots.

For example, a person may be born to a Hispanic couple in US and the person will have citizenship of US.

In early October, OKCupid, an online dating website, released an analysis of racial and ethnic differences in response rates. The OKCupid study assessed the responses of over one million site users.

They found that two individuals of any race can be compatible just to squash any doubts that the racial and ethnic differences found in responses is due to lack of compatibility between partners of different backgrounds.