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If you ever start to think your years are stacking the odds against your romantic possibilities, it’s time to review the benefits that being senior bring: You know yourself better now.

Dating midlife relationship

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, information about the 3 types of midlife crisis, and what you can do to get through your wife's MLC.Chances are that the version of this conversation you had with your wife was a bit harsher than this.Noticing Emotional Changes Noticing Changes in Appearance Noticing Behavioral Changes Coping with His Crisis Community Q&A If a man in your life is in his 40s or 50s and is displaying some odd behaviors, he may be experiencing a midlife crisis.To identify this, we'll cover emotional changes, like being angry or cut off, behavioral changes, like seeking out excessive thrills, and changes in appearance, from a new wardrobe to cosmetic surgery.The problem is I’m no expert, but I have seen a LOT of men and women go through a midlife crisis in my years running Husband Help Haven.What you’re about to read are the top 9 signs your wife is having a midlife crisis based on my experience talking to thousands of men Inside the Haven. You'll also get a downloadable PDF workbook including a midlife crisis quiz?

To save your sanity and possibly your relationship, start with Step 1 below. Although I have no wife or life partner, this article and its illustrations makes it crystal clear to me that I'm in the throes of this.

The long, dull, monotonous years of middle-aged prosperity or middle-aged adversity are excellent campaigning weather for the devil. In middle age, a self-indulgent spell is common as men try to come to grips with their own mortality, according to psychologists, and a guy is especially vulnerable to midlife high jinks if he never raised Cain as a kid.

Lewis Author Lewis was 43 — squarely within the 40 to 60 age frame of most men going through a so-called midlife crisis — when he wrote of the well-known itch that can transform a once-loving and dependable partner into a hot-blooded hellion.

Experts say these more defined signs suggest that he's entered the phase of midlife psychological conflict: Controlling What You Can If your guy isn't himself lately — e.g., hates your house, wants a hot rod, criticizes you, starts dieting and dressing younger than his age, asks for some space — he isn't out to hurt you, assures Pat Gaudette, founder of the Midlife Wives Club, whose Web site at a support group for women "survivors." Don't take his actions personally, Gaudette encourages: "We have a tendency to say 'He's doing this to me.' No, they're doing it because of something within themselves — nothing to do with her, everything to do with him." Because you can't control his "male menopause," as men's midlife blues are sometimes called, Gaudette recommends that you take some steps back and protect yourself during the unavoidable emotional storm: Do: Also, Gaudette says, avoid badgering him about how he should get his act together, which is a common mistake women make.

"You can just beat your head against a wall trying to force a man to understand what he's doing to you.