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Dating my french teacher

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movement a year ago – made sure to thank all those who had helped him get so astonishingly far. Aged 64, Ms Macron is a grandmother-of-seven and 25 years her fresh-faced 39-year-old husband’s senior.

Then he turned, smiled at her and thanked the most steadfast supporter of them all, his wife Brigitte: “always there, and what’s more, without whom I wouldn’t be me.” The watching crowd chanted its approval. Even better, perhaps, they met when he was 15 and she was his married, private school teacher - with a daughter of the same age, in the same class.

It is said that Brigitte’s family, the Trogneux, respected chocolatiers in the northern French town of Amiens – (coincidentally now specialising in macarons) – did not immediately approve of the relationship with Mr Macron.

At one point, according to a local journalist with a long memory, the love affair created a “pure scandal”.

It’s unclear when the relationship started but Macron was quoted in the book saying ‘Nobody will ever know at what moment our story became a love story. During a recent rally, the married couple kissed on stage with Macron saying: ‘I owe her an enormous amount because she has contributed to make me the person I am.’ Rumours persist of Trogneaux being appointed a role within the government if Macron wins.

Bloomberg reported the young candidate claiming: “If I’m elected — no, sorry, when we are elected — she will be there, with a role, and a place .

She used to be a French teacher at his private high school in Amiens, northern France.

She also ran the theatre club where he was a budding actor.

More specifically, she was a drama teacher and he was playing the lead role in the school’s adaptation of the Milan Kundera play, .Inexperienced teachers should be wary of using games if class control is still shaky or if you have an unusually difficult class.I believe classes appreciate teachers who make them work and with whom they get on, not teachers who play games.When the French presidential elections happen next week the favourite, Emmanuel Macron, will be campaigning with a woman 25 years his senior, his wife.Macron, who is likely to be the youngest ever president, met 64-year-old high school teacher Brigitte Trogneux as a student.On Sunday, the first round of voting in the French presidential race narrowed the candidates down to infamous far-right leader Marine Le Pen, and the front-runner, centrist independent Emmanuel Macron.