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Dating printing wood blocks

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Recommended woods for detailed designs are hard woods from fruit trees like cherry or pear. Another method in the Asian tradition, is to draw onto a special thin paper, which is then glued face down onto the block (so that the block will receive the colour).Once dry, just before cutting, carefully rub off the paper fibres and you will be left with only the drawing on the block.

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Work with a scooping motion, changing direction as the grain of the wood dictates.After each wood block is carved they are soaked in mustard oil for up to a week to ensure the wood doesn't crack when exposed to the dry conditions of the printing process.Tiny holes are also drilled through each block to ensure that the wood breathes, allowing the blocks to last for decades.ā€“ if you love textiles, holidays and India, then you will love our textile trips ā€“ we find real events with real people ā€“ visiting towns and villages where the block printing fabric and embroidery is actually made. Make sure you always handle your wooden printing blocks with care, they will print really well on fabric & paper but that also depends on the type of the paint you use. Incredibly fast shipping-enjoying the fun-sturdy, well done and everything a wood block print should be-so much better than those flimsy little pink things in all the craft stores šŸ™‚ LOL-With my own carved ones, Iā€™m going to have to step up my game!Photographs printed onto wood are hangable, durable, and sustainable.The Artistic Artifacts line of heavy-bodied textile paints are perfect for block printing!