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Will voters in other African countries feel confident about their own upcoming elections, given the process in Ivory Coast has gone so wrong?And what will be the repercussions on Ivory Coast's neighbours?

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"We have 14 civilians and two special forces soldiers who were unfortunately killed." Hamed Bakayoko, Ivory Coast's interior minister, said foreign citizens from France, Germany, Burkina Faso, Mali and Cameroon were among the victims.

She said she was told the attackers were speaking in Arabic and everyone understood they were terrorists.

"It was truly, truly, terrifying, it was indeed terrorists,” eyewitness Marie-Claire Yapi, who was separated from her nine-month old baby and her sister in the chaos, told FRANCE 24.

We tested the novel hypothesis that arrival date in migratory birds represents a reliable indicator of male quality that can be used by females as a cue in extrapair mating decisions.

Secondary sexual characters are often condition-dependent, and competition for early arrival leads to condition-dependent migration.