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But with 87 million singles in the United States and nearly 40 million dating online, it seemed a good way to meet someone.

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You brought up a few points that I want to touch on.First, let’s talk about the whole “strong woman” / “alpha female” topic.I was reading the post about men’s smarts and their value.You made a comment about women not wanting a guy hotter than themselves.I am bringing them up to highlight that our culture has a huge misconception of what is actually desirable.Before certain members of the audience accuse me of being a “misogynist” or “degrading to women”… I am not advocating some old-fashioned viewpoint that women should be nice, quiet, agreeable creatures who exist solely to please their husband.I understand what you meant, but wondered how far you could carry that logic.That is, women do not want a man who is hotter than her because hotter women will hit on him and she has a fear he might step up to a new woman.

And yet, last week, when Drake wanted to attack Meek Mill, the most stinging insult he (or his ghostwriters) could come up with amounted to “your girlfriend is more successful than you are, which means you are an emasculated wimp.” And this is Drake, the man who writes odes to women who make him proud.Speaking of which, I suspect it was him who made the split…and that she is batshit crazy. But as the invisible groin of the sexual market worked its self-regulating magic, Kutcher eventually cheated on his older lover with a bevy of much younger cuties, driving Moore insane with self-loathing and fear of her rapidly encroaching sexual obsolescence (which she desperately tweeted to the world in the guise of blurry, half-naked bathroom shots). Nevertheless, it is absolutely the case that most women prefer men, at least for long-term relationships, who are not physically better-looking than they are. The referenced scientific study provided evidence for the curious real-world observation that there are a nontrivial number of couples featuring average looking men with cute chicks hanging off their arms.But, that also points to the fact that after she hit the wall is when she went for the looks guy over the alpha male. And the phenomenon of downright ugly men with beautiful women is, based on my steely-eyed observation, a good ten-fold more common than the inverse.Russel is an alpha male, as demonstrated by his life, but his boyish looks died years before he got with her.Another is Demi Moore, in that for years, she was with Bruce Willis…another alpha male, but whose looks were never on the Ashton Kutcher level.However, now that I’ve come to the repeated conclusion that intimidation played a role in my recent failed dating endeavors, I feel like maybe I should rethink my stance—especially because in all of those cases that explanation seemed completely likely and totally logical.