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The Focus: Given the adventures you’ve had, including crossing the Pacific Ocean on a boat made of plastic bottles, some might call you an eccentric in the mode of a classic British explorer. But for me it is more a medium to deliver a message than a medium to satisfy my ego.That’s not to say that what they did wasn’t amazing – it was – and I often look to their accomplishments for inspiration. How did their accomplishments affect what was expected of you, or what you’ve expected of yourself?Rebellious from the start, de Rothschild learned early on that pursuing knowledge through traditional methods didn’t work for him.Instead, this scion of one of world’s wealthiest and most admired families blazed his own trail with dangerous but purposeful adventures into remote corners of the globe in an effort to raise awareness of environmental causes among students.We met with him at the Natural History Museum, London.The handsome, young and very charismatic de Rothschild was quickly at ease among the exhibits in one of Britain’s finest museums. I think the old British explorers were of a generation that was very much about conquering nature, about being the first. It was always very ego-driven, and for some that is still the case.

‘I’m a Brit through and through, but over there I’m always a Rothschild, and people find it hard to see past that,’ he says over wild-caught salmon and organic vegetables at a local restaurant.

His adventurous spirit, passion, and commitment to action have sent him to some of the world's most remote and fragile regions in order to bring widespread media attention and, moreover, solutions to urgent global environmental issues.

He has a unique ability to take his no-nonsense call to action across all demographics, be it from children to world leaders, NGOs to NASA, industries to nonprofits.

This distinctive, one-of-a-kind construction demonstrated that the list of solutions available is far greater than the list of problems.

The created a platform to fuel conversation and shift public thinking and perception from plastic as the enemy to plastic becoming part of the solution. The adventure set the stage for a historic expedition and delivered a spectacular global "message in a bottle."In November 2011 de Rothschild and a core crew traveled into the heart of Brazil's Amazon rain forest to discover the effects of the controversial Belo Monte dam project as part of MYOO's ARTiculate series.