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Ko se tega ne zavedamo dovolj, ko tudi sami sebe ne ljubimo dovolj, pozabimo na ljubezen v sebi. Z leti pa dobi močnejšo vago in postane veliko več kot to: odgovornost, spoštovanje, čast. Gabi Čačinovič Vogrinčič, psihologinja in socialna delavka: »Sposobnost za ljubezen moramo razviti, učiti se moramo ravnati z ljubeznijo. Otrok pa se o ljubezni začne učiti že prek odnosa staršev drug do drugega in do njega.
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The ratio between college graduates and high-school dropouts is almost four to one. People with impressive degrees and fat wallets are often pressed for time, and are more likely to agree that online dating is efficient – though not by much. Affluent, high-achieving Americans are compara­tively reluctant to describe online daters as desperate.

There are niche sites for virtually every special interest out there.How they simultaneously manage to keep up with all those Netflix shows they admit to loving presents a real puzzle.Perhaps they watch on their phones while they’re running, skiing, and hiking.Modern wooing, however, is increasingly done on the internet: 15% of Americans have used a dating website or app, according to a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Centre, up from 1% in 2005.Young people are, unsurprisingly, more comfortable with looking for love online – but so is the “liberal elite”.Pandarus, a Trojan with a knack for pairing off warriors and damsels, turns up in Chaucer and Shakespeare.