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In a logical, rational world, romantic relationships should follow a normal, natural progression.

Casual sex can be respectful, but it requires honesty, communication and the strength to walk away when you realize someone is unwilling to give you what you want.There really isn't any determining factor that can be used as a litmus test for when you have become "monogamous" or "exclusive." So how do you know when have you made the change from a "casual" dating environment into the serious "committed" relationship?Well, you could try the method I first employed which goes like this: Tell a person you have been seeing that you can't spend time with them because you have a date.It's not just physical: you two are in serious like.Everyone knows not to mention an ex on a first (or second, or third) date, but eventually the subject is bound to come up.We’re at a point where dating has become a very loose term. It could mean you’re going out for meals in public, or you could just be two Millennials, f*cking and texting. So, what do you do when you want sex, but you don’t want feelings?