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has lot of social rules and safety guidelines in place.
Warren is a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on love, marriage and emotional health.

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--as she "coos" "Happy Birthday" to him from the stage), derisively comparing her singing with her sexuality.

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There really wasn't much news to it, just the son of a Hollywood star, in trouble for being drunk once more. The Times' earliest stories are about birthday parties with other children of other celebrities.

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He must be regarded as one America's finest film actors.

Writers are free to roam uncensored whatever territory they choose.

But Oates should be called into account for taking a few salient and familiar events ("a selected symbolic few") from an actual life (one proximate in living memory), and from the lives of others still living (including Marlon Brando, Arthur Miller, and Marilyn's first husband), and then attaching lurid contrivances in order to fit them into evidence for her preconceived judgement upon that life, even going so far as to assert that her subsequent distortion has been spookily spoken--"at last"--by the subject of that distortion. "When confronted with the choice of enhancing Norma Jeane, or degrading her, as others have, I opted always for enhancing," Oates' statement about her novel maintains.