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The theory behind radiocarbon dating is as follows: Why doesn't the carbon-14 in the air decay along with terrestrial carbon? The trick is that radioactive carbon-14 is continually replenished in a complex reaction that involves high-energy cosmic rays striking the upper atmosphere.

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Couch Potato ------------ Parody of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem Look If you had One shot To sit on your lazy butt And watch all the TV you ever wanted Until your brain turned to mush Would you go for it Or just let it slip? Well somebody bought it And on that spot they're gonna build a shop Where we can go buy bolts and screws" Since then I've been walking on air (air) I can barely brush my teeth or comb my hair 'Cause I'm so excited and I really don't care I've been waiting since last June For this day to finally arrive I'm so happy (happy) now just to be alive 'Cause any minute now I'm gonna be inside Well, I hope they open soon I can't wait, (no I) I can't wait (oh when) When are they gonna open up that door?

Yo Remote is ready Eyes wide, palms are sweaty There's Flintstone's on the TV already Wilma N' Betty No virgin to channel surfin And I'm HD ready So I flip, garbage is all I'm getting There's Simon Cowell Who folks wanna disembowel He opens his mouth, always says something foul They're dying, Wow! I'm goin' (yes I'm) goin', I'm a-goin' to the Goin' to the (hard) ware I'm goin', really goin' to the Goin' (hard) I'm goin' to the (hard) oh yes I'm goin' to the Hardware store In my sleeping bag I camped out overnight Right in front of the store, then as soon as it was light out I pressed my nose right up against the glass You know, I had to be first in line Gonna get me a flashlight and a broom Want a pair of pliers for every single room of my house See those hacksaws? Oh PARTY AT THE LEPER COLONY by Al Yankovic Finger food and an ice cold keg It won't cost you an arm and a leg Dance all night to a rotten band Come on, people, let's give 'em a hand Saturday night it's the place to be Everybody cut footloose with me At the party at the leper colony Oh, there's a party at the leper colony Met a little lady so pretty and young She was quite a talker till the cat got her tongue She oozed up beside me, I turned on my charm Well, pretty soon she was completely disarmed I said, "Girl, now don't fall to pieces on me" But she cried her eyes out .

The type of sadness felt at 4 in the morning, reserved for the heartbroken and nervous, is a tender and surreal one.

The world feels like the wrong size; the moment small, quiet and solitary, the rest of the day foreboding at a gargantuan scale.

FILE - In this May 12, 2009 file photo, musician Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys, attends a special evening to honor artist Ross Bleckner's appointment as Goodwill Ambassador at the United Nations.

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file) Back in the day, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch brought Tibetan music and Buddhist philosophy to music fans everywhere.

I had a lot of love and respect for Kyle’s project, Drowse, so I was excited to see how his brain worked,” recants Stoner.

The melancholy, textured aspects of Bates’ aforementioned project meld well with Stoner’s past experimental guitar rock bands, Sabonis and Forest Park.

you are actually classed as being pregnant from the first day of your last menstrual period. It can take 7-10 days for implantation to occur, so trying to pin down the date of conception is neigh on impossible. I know exactly what date i had sex on that resulted in my pregnancy, but i do not know the date of conception.Wannabe's are crying now He votes them out Time to throw in the towel Show's based on reality Oh the humanity! Very, very soon One of them will be all mine Guys with nametags walking down the aisles Rows of garden hoses that go on for miles and miles Brand new socket wrenches in a plethora of styles All arranged alphabetically And they're doing a promotional stunt There's a great big purple sign out front That says every 27th customer Will get a ball peen hammer free I can't wait, (no I) I can't wait (oh when) When are they gonna open up that door? literally At the party at the leper colony Oh, there's a party at the leper colony Hey! Hey now, buddy, don't you give me no lip Sorry I was using your head for a dip There's a guy in the hot tub, I don't know who Wait a minute, it looks like Stu Well, hold the phone now, what do I see? You know that vacant lot Right beside the gas station?Maya Stoner and Kyle Bates, Floating Room’s creators, are able to channel a heightened level of intimacy and emotional competency with their combined musical history and shared personal connections.“Kyle and I were discussing writing and recording at a house show when the idea of collaborating first game up. just use the online calendars, it does the same thing No...