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As the chicks get larger, they will continue to flap their wings, move around the nest, and start to venture out along branches.Chicks take their first clumsy flights between branches and nearby trees, and often glide down to the ground before their first true flights.It is important to remember that these are wild herons that just happen to have found the Spruce treetops within the zoo as good nesting sites since the spring of 2010.As such we do not interfere with the nests in any way other than placing the cameras prior to nesting season.To feed the chicks, the parents regurgitate directly into the open beaks of their young.

Help Stanley Park Ecology Society protect, monitor, and sustain the Pacific great blue heron colony by adopting a nest.During the chat, Warriors fans could ask Erin Hunter questions about the series.At the time, there were only 2 authors and 1 editor of the Warriors series.We have observed both an adult and a fledgling eat a chickadee, have witnessed a case of siblicide, and this season we have a chick that has a partially deformed leg.These are all natural events that occur at some level in nature every season.We are a public facility so there are activities every day on the ground, but the birds seem to adjust to that very well.