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Each version captures a snapshot of the files at a certain point in time and the VCS allows you to switch between these versions.

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Singer Jordan Luck's rock'n'roll lifestyle is legendary; so are the band's perfect pop songs.The hits include 'Victoria', 'Why Does Love Do this to Me? ', and 'I'll Say Goodbye (Even tho' I'm Blue)'' — songs embraced by successive generations of Kiwis.In 2007 Luck became the first songwriter inducted into the APRA NZ Music Hall of Fame.In the early 90s Australian David Barraclough joined The Exponents as a guitarist and songwriting partner for singer Jordan Luck. Directed by Mark Tierney, the video sees the band – besuited a la – hard rocking in a studio then driving around a quarry, before tagging and demolishing their ride.Woman actually watch more male gay porn than men, the site claims – and lesbian-related searches such as ‘tribbing’ and ‘scissoring’ are high up among women’s favourites.

Despite its unlikely origins and subject matter, it has become an enduring NZ sports stadium sing-along (rivalling Dave Dobbyn's 'Loyal' for unofficial national anthem status).The site says, ‘We’ve since collected some new, specified data which breaks down the Pornhub viewership proportions by gender in our top 20 countries.Topping off this list is Brazil, which has an impressive 29% female viewership base, a solid 6% above the 23% world average.’ Other interesting statistics include the fact that the most searched-for ‘stars’ are celebrities who have suffered leaked sex tapes, such as Kim Kardashian – although Miley Cyrus ranked in the top 20 for both sexes.You could be reading Plato.” Mr East, who has never appeared on a bestseller list before, has been overwhelmed by his new found success.He erotic novelist, who now lives in the United States, wrote in a post on Amazon: “I keep pinching myself to see if I am awake and sometimes I wonder, is this really happening to me.” The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.Psychologists’ research is working to answer that question — and to identify ways to treat people whose porn use is interfering with their lives. 4 Print version: page 46 Pornography is a loaded subject.