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Additionally, the Auckland laboratory and Opus Research in Wellington are MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) approved as transitional facilities and are able to receive and test, as above, samples from throughout the world.Since 1934 Davey has established itself as Australia’s international water products company supplying products that are built tough and proven to survive the toughest climatic conditions.) who came into prominence with the dynasties of the Middle and New Kingdoms.Many pharaohs from the 11th Dynasty onward include his name in theirs, as Amenemhet and Tutankhamen.It is used this way and in the names of many minerals, such as antimonial arsenic, copper, and nickel. antimonial CATEGORY: geology DEFINITION: A brittle metallic substance that has been used in the preparation of yellow pigments for enamel and porcelain painting.

You can source the Davey product you need by contacting one of our Distribution Partners across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Electron Spin Resonance Dating, or ESR dating, is a technique used to date newly formed materials, which Radiocarbon dating cannot, like carbonates, tooth enamel, or materials that have been previously heated like igneous rock.

Electron spin resonance dating was first introduced to the science community in 1975, when Motoji Ikeya dated a speleothem in Akiyoshi Cave, Japan.

Over that time we have provided experimental research and testing that assisted the design and construction of major national infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric power schemes, state highways, airports, railways and marine ports.

Our network of eleven IANZ (International Accreditation of New Zealand) laboratories provide accredited test reports, specialist independent consulting services, materials testing and analysis for engineering construction materials using a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained technicians and technical specialists.