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"I started my career in a part of the bank where you got to see how the economics, how the monetary policy, how the supervision and regulation calibration all fit into the real economy. Though the expectation was that market discipline would take care of risk, "that proved not to be the case." She also talked about how she articulates her views, which often run counter to the majority, and how she cultivates connections among institutions and community stakeholders."The way you get that connection is you get out there," she said.Jabberwacky Jabberwacky is a chatterbot created by the same British scientist, Rollo Carpenter, but with a slightly different interface.

Her background as a farmer and former bank examiner gives her a unique perspective among Fed officials.Chatbots and virtual assistants have risen in popularity in banking and other industries because recent improvements in artificial intelligence have made them better at interacting and interpreting human language.Banks and other financial firms are hopeful they can be used to provide better customer service at the fraction of the cost of large call centers populated by humans.In a bid to make the experience more human, Eno—whose name spells One backwards—has also been programmed to recognize certain "emojis," the popular messaging icons.Users can prompt Eno to show them their account balance by sending the "bag of money" emoji or can confirm a payment through the "thumbs up" emoji.Capital One Financial has developed a "chatbot" named Eno, an automated program that can communicate with the bank's customers via text message to give them information on their accounts and help them make credit-card payments from their smartphone.