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Take the OK sign — the simple hand signal where you put your thumb and first finger together to create a circular shape. In Turkey, that sign is also an insult toward gay people. S., almost as a reflex, that mean something completely different elsewhere. This can lead to some serious confusion if you are being hit on or trying to order food off a menu. It is the hand-sign alternative of calling someone the c-word. It dates back more than 2,500 years and signifies a bull’s horns. There, it means “up yours” or the painful-sounding “sit on it.” Basically, you are telling a person that you hope he gets something inserted up his bottom. In fact, this gesture is deemed so bad that you can actually get arrested for using it. Crossing your arms in front of you is considered a huge sign of arrogance in Finland. In Austria, shaking two fists in front of you is a way of wishing someone good luck.

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