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Besides, when your computer crashes sometime in the future and you have to reinstall Windows, having XP SP2 on CD-ROM will speed your recovery process. Well, go to the computer section of your nearest big box retailer and ask for a copy.


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Friends you have heard many times to call free using internet any where in world using your internet connection. But now you can call free using your mobile internet for free.For this you need not to pay higher amount or you need not to pay for registration.You can do whatever you want on video chat, with as large or as small a group as you prefer.

Thank you.....other important ifriends info I'd love to hear about TYTYT! So far, i'm NOT a happy camper with all this upload shit that doesn't even work!

In short you are able to call free who are online and using the same application.

If still you having a doubt then don’t think more and download that application by CLICKING HERE.

You can add whoever you please, but if you want them to add you back (and give you traffic in return) you might want to just pop in their guest chat and say "Hi, I'm a chathost here and would like to know if you have room to exchange sexy friends? If they say "no" don't take it personally, their friends list might be full or they just generally don't like having sexy friends and keeping their traffic to themselves Ok, their whole uploading system is starting to piss me off I have been trying to upload vid clips to my fanclub & it seems to just upload forever and ever....(maybe freezing up)..then i just end up hitting "close" and say f it all. Sorry to rant, but I have spent so much time & nothing appears to be working right.

Anyone having same issues or have any idea what is going on??