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Government mandating circumcision

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"Therefore, the obligatory circumcision will be regulated in 2012 to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in Papua," Edison Muabuay, a Jayapura administration official, was quoted as saying on 12 February.

And while Muabuay declined to provide specific details of how such a plan might be enforced, he noted that the Health Department and Regional Public Hospital of Yowar in Jayapura had already been ordered to provide the necessary instruments and supplies for the programme.

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So we are giving drugs and surgery in place of teaching morals.

Now when babies grow up into men and find out about circumcision, who would they blame? They know it is much more difficult to blame your parents.

Since it’s a government mandate, parents could no longer be the scapegoat. The government is not willing to incur the wrath of millions of angry young men. Few men are going to discuss the issue with their parents.

Type IV (referred to as "Mariam Girz" in Ethiopia) is practiced mainly in the Amhara region.

These practices cross religious boundaries, including Christians, Muslims and Ethiopian Jews (Falashas).