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When you’re single, sometimes it feels like an eternal search to find the perfect mate.

I think i was dating a sociopath

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And he could win an Olympic medal for lying without batting an eyelash.

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Once he has captured you under his spell, he will begin victimizing and using you to get whatever he wants when he wants it.If they need someone to blame for something, chances are it will be you. They will manipulate you with the story of how they were abandoned or nobody loved them. Their main goal is to lure you in and make sure you never think of leaving. One minute you think they love you, the next minute they are online flirting with an ex and then telling you to stop being jealous and accuse you of being ridiculous. A body, a shell, no emotions and your heart is null and void.You don’t know what to believe anymore and everything you do is wrong. Have you just had an experience with a man or woman that left your head spinning?You tell your friends, “They were so into me at first, then things got weird, they were unreliable, they hurt me without realising it, there was so much drama, etc.” It could be you dated a sociopath.Could there be an underlying neurological cause for the violating or dangerous behaviors? Individuals with personality disorders have difficulty relating to others, resulting in rocky relationships.